while you blinked and I looked away


That's right,  while we were just doin' what we do... Representative Joe Pitts, chair of the House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Health, held a hearing on November 2nd. The hearing was about taking away new preventive benefits from millions of American women. The reason for this hearing (clearly) is to undermine the recent decision by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services that ensures health plans will cover birth control with no co-pays - one of the most popular benefits of the Affordable Care Act.

  Pitts was the sponsor and pushed for a vote on H.R. 358, a bill that would have eliminated existing protections for women seeking care in emergency situations. Since becoming subcommittee chair, Representative Pitts has aggressively gone after women's health  issues 
(why you hatin' Joe?)

Recently NPR reported, conservatives are stepping up their attacks against birth control as "more and more voices are opposing the provision of birth control for its own sake."

It's important to note that birth control use is nearly universal in the United States: 99 percent of women who have been sexually active have used birth control at some point in their lives.

Planned Parenthood is asking for all those so inclined to give President Obama  10,0000 Reasons Why Birth Control Matters  here  in the hopes he and Secretary Sebelius will decide to keep birth control coverage intact for millions of hardworking women. I gave my two cents.

Men - their rights and nothing more; Women - their rights and nothing less.
Susan B. Anthony


  1. You know...I am so infuriated and disgusted with our government. My great grandmother was for women's rights long before it was popular. She's probably rolling over in her grave right now at how a select group of the "holier than though" have the right to take away a women's right to choose what is in her best interest. It is a women's choice NOT theirs!

    Geez! What next...what else will they try to sneak away from women when they think they aren't looking or listening.


  2. Seriously. We have to pay attention or we'll find ourselves back were we started.

  3. omfg. birth control shouldn't be that big of a deal. Hello?!?!?! we cannot even afford the people we have. prevention of more is KIND OF IMPORTANT! blargh. i could go on and on.

    p.s. i have heard that VIAGRA is covered under most medical insurance plans. hello?!?!? if that is, why isn't birth control a right, too?!


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