Mothers...the story of linda lou and myrt

Cindy and I were best friends growing up in a small town in Virginia.  Our mothers were best friends too. I asked Cindy to share a story about our adventures and I added one of my own. Our moms were ahead of their time and sadly left us too soon.  This post is in honor of our moms and all you Mamas out there for a job well done.

Linda Lou, my mom.  She had six daughters and one husband. She had a fantastic sense of humor and a no BS attitude. She had great style and walked in a pair heels like she was born in them. When life knocks you down, pick yourself up and keep moving forward. This mindset is what my mom instilled in me and my sisters. We miss her everyday. But, she left us in capable hands: Our Own.

  Myrt, Cindy's Mom.  She had two daughters and one son. She was also a single Mom, a rare circumstance for the time. She had a fabulous sense of humor - was a spiritual person with the most calming voice and a beautiful laugh.  She had great style and nobody looked better in a head scarf and pants than Myrt. She and my mom made a great pair, they could communicate with just a look.  I'm certain they're together now, watching over us.

the matinee: written by Cindy 

My mom's best friend was my best friend's mom :)
You can call it luck or you can call it fate but when I think back and recall all of the memories of our moms as friends, I like to call it WONDERFUL! Janie and I lived across the street from each other and were best friends, while our mom's worked together at the Kingsport Press. They were known as Linda Lou and Myrt to everyone else, but they were just "our moms" to us. One of my best memories of the four of us was when Janie and I decided to collect coke bottles to sell so that we could raise enough money to ride the bus to our mom's work, so we could get more money from them to go to the movies. Well, by the time we had climbed through ditches and had gone through trash to get the bottles (in bare feet by the way...) we were a mess. And that's exactly what we looked like when we showed up at their work. OMG they were so embarrassed when we walked in. We looked like homeless children. They rushed us into the ladies room and tried to clean us up. While we hid in the bathroom, they scrounged up enough money to send us to the movie, so they could get us the hell out of there. I remember how they loved to tell that story and how hard it would make them both laugh. That's what I remember most about the two of them together was their laughter...and how they always had each others back.


driving while the world sleeps: written by Jane (Janie)

 You could always count on Myrt to sleep through the night. My mom, however, slept with one eye open and an ear to the ground. She always knew what we were up to, but only occasionally used her power to call us out on it. So, when I would sleep over at Cindy's, after10pm, we could do just about whatever we wanted . When we were younger that meant playing barbies through the night or eating our weight in cookie dough. As we got older, well.....things changed just a tiny bit. I would like to preface this story by saying we were good kids, just very adventures. We never encountered a swinging bridge we didn't walk across or a spooky house we didn't find a way into to investigate. Nancy Drew had nothing on us. Thanks to very patient and loving Moms, we felt free to be. Now that that's out of the way

 * Cindy and I decided to take a drive one balmy summer night. Around 2am. In her mother's car. Just so happens, neither of us had a drivers license. Myrt was sleeping like a baby when we took off towards the east end. We drove by our friends houses because we could and while we were... you know... OUT.... took a gander at the new window display at Nickles department store in town. On our way back to Cindy's house  (we had been out for about an hour) we were feeling that all was right with the world (our world anyway).... when we noticed in the rear view mirror what we thought was a police car following us.  Just as we were discussing how to handle the situation, I take another glance in the rear view and panic ensues........ oh nooooo!!!!! That's no cop, that's my MOM!  Clearly, someone must have seen us in town and called my Mother! What to do? Do we gun it and head for Mexico?  Do we plead insanity? We finally settled on driving very slowly, attempting to put off as long as we could what was sure to be our worst punishment yet. As we pull in front of Cindy house, there standing at the door with all the lights in the house ablaze, was Myrt. Turns out, she woke up, found us and her car gone - called my mom and Linda Lou took off looking for us. My mom pulls me out of the car, firmly tells Cindy to go to her waiting Mother's arms.  She gives Myrt the no worries sister... I caught their 3am no license driving asses. All is right with the world (our moms world) look.

  A rule to live by.

If you obey all the rules you miss all the fun.
Katharine Hepburn

Linda Lou and Myrt would approve.  LOVE



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  1. I'd like to post a comment if I could only stop laughing! HA HA HA I don't know you two personally but if I can just see the two of you riding in that car thinking you had it made. A great tribute to your mom! Any woman who could wear a pair of heels like she was born in them is my hero.

    Great quote by Katherine Hepburn...she is one of my favorite stars. She had style and class AND was always recognized for wearing pants. No doubt making it easier for all of us "to wear the pants in our families". HA

  2. Wow! Wow! You two still break all the rules.
    Just a note: I was standing discussing business with one of my managers, he got a cold chill with goose bumps on a very warm day in the greenhouse. I asked if "he believed in ghosts?" He said "yes." I said, "you just met my Mother!" There was a sparkle in my eye, he just grinned. Love you guys and our moms.

  3. Hi Kris! oh yea.. we thought we had pulled it off without a hitch! HAHAHA....not so much with the dynamic duo around.

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  5. Cristie, I'm sure Mom is in the greenhouse watering plants after the sun goes down.

  6. It's me again, Margaret!May 6, 2011 at 6:28 PM

    Yes, you are probably right but also you should know, I was explaining a situation to the asm, turns out I was right this time. I feel she was looking after me. He got it!

  7. I've always loved that picture of Nana and that picture of you and Cindy. This was beautiful and captured the spirit of all of you astounding women! Happy soon to be Mother's Day!

  8. Beautiful post! Love your writing, especially 'she left us in capable hands: Our Own'...melted my heart! Miss Walker xoxo

  9. Best friends from the start and from the heart!! Witchs brew would not be a staple dish-entree in our homes if not for the two of them meeting! See your writing is what makes it unique like you! Love ya!


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