i enjoy being a girl

*Flower Drum Song:  was the eighth stage musical by the team of Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II.  Leading showgirl, Linda Low sings "I Enjoy Being A Girl"

*ERA: Equal Rights Amendment was written in 1923 by Alice Paul, suffragist leader and founder of the National Woman's Party.

*NOW: National Organization Of Woman  founded in 1966, NOW's goal has been to take action to bring about equality for all women.

 I enjoy being a girl. So why can't I wear my heels and get paid the same as the guy in loafers? Currently, women are paid 77 cents on the dollar compared to men. Women workers have been making between 70 and 80 percent of male salaries for  the last two decades. The Equal Rights Amendment was written in 1923 by Alice Paul, suffragist leader and founder of the National Woman's Party. She and the NWP considered the ERA to be the next necessary step after the 19th Amendment  in guaranteeing "equal justice under law" to all citizens. The ERA was introduced into every session of Congress between 1923 and 1972, when it was passed and sent to the states for ratification. The seven-year time limit in the ERA's proposing clause was extended by Congress to June 30, 1982, but at the deadline, the ERA had been ratified by 35 states, leaving it three states short of the 38 required for ratification. It has been reintroduced into every Congress since that time.
The states whose legislatures have not ratified the ERA are: Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Utah, and Virginia.

Did you know it was law that women could not  lift more than 30 pounds? Thanks to a key lawsuit in Georgia on behalf of Lorena Weeks, a woman employed by Southern Bell Telephone & Telegraph Co., whose application to become a router was denied on grounds that the position was only for men and to boot, the law said women couldn't lift anything heavier than 30 pounds and the job required the employee at times to lift 31 pounds.  Weeks turned to National Organization Of Women and got Sylvia Roberts as her lawyer.  After three years of litigation, an Atlanta judge in 1969 handed down a landmark decision that banned laws that applied only to one sex. 
“Turning to the merits we observe that there is no dispute that Mrs. Weeks was denied the switchman's job because she was a woman. Not because she lacked any qualifications for the job. The job was awarded to the only other bidder for the job, a man who had less seniority than Mrs. Weeks. Under the terms of the contract between Mrs. Weeks' Union and Southern Bell, the senior bidder is to be awarded 
the job if other qualifications are met.

 That takes care of that. What must we do now ? Leap tall buildings in a single bound? Okay. I'll do it. But, I insist on a more flattering superpower outfit - red, blue, and yellow are not my colors. I'm a winter. I like the look to the right. Who says I can't be feminine and be a feminist?  Furthermore, after all my daily heavy lifting I need a swanky place to come home to. See example below. I do so love being a girl, even tho it takes some upkeep. Both our person and our rights need to be tended to.

Ell Decor

If you have about 5mintues to spare, watch this from the movie Flower Drum Song. Oh My!


  1. I love being a girl. Would not want it any other way! Gorgeous decor image - love the gold, black and all those different patterns. xx

  2. How did I know Virginia would be in that list?!
    I love being a girl, but you're right, I should be paid the same as the man in loafers.

  3. I love this! I had to have help lifting a dining set the other day. (gulp) Told the male associate, I have found something I cannot do, he laughed and then lifted it in the truck with help from another man and said, "no wonder that was the heavy end." and then he said, I could barley lift it myself." Ahhhhh haaaa, so I could have done it, just a little to heavy. Not too heavy. I just love being a girl!

  4. This is so informative. Thanks for sharing this! I love being a girl too! I've never hoped I was born as a boy hehe

  5. Wonderful post Jane! Women have come along way since then but still not far enough. My Great Grandma was into the women's rights issues back in her day. Depending on where you live, there is STILL a lot of discrimination that goes on and if woman aren't connected to the "good ole boy network" they don't get the same consideration. I never wanted to be a boy but I wanted to think like one to be given the same considerations as they were! It was amazing to me just how many men respected a woman who stood up for what they believed in.

    I love the dress, the "swanky place and the video was GREAT!

  6. Thank you so much, Jane for commenting!
    You have such a lovely blog! I am following back!
    I love this post! I love being a girl and you are so right about woman rights!
    This interior is spectacular! Love the animal print carpet! The song is so beautiful and the girl is very good looking!

    Happy Tuesday!


  7. Ugh-I live in one of those states. Love your superhero outfit-so powerful!

  8. LOVE everything about that space! So chic and glamorous! Miss Walker xoxo

  9. Such a great post, I LOVE being a girl and loving the pic of the living room, gorgeous! xx


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