Pork chop. You're out!

 Who knew the pork and beef industries needed a change. A name change that is. They will rename more than 350 meat cuts. The newly named cuts will be in a grocery store near you this summer.

  Expect names that offer more detail about the type of meat you’re buying. The name “pork chop,” for example, improperly describes a number of different cuts, according to the National Pork Board’s Patrick Fleming. 

  Different types of pork chops will now have steak names like New York chops, rib-eye chops, and T-bone chops.  Beef loin top sirloin cubes are now kabobs.  Pork butt, an unfortunate name that has nothing to do with a pig's butt (it comes from a pig's shoulder), is now a Boston roast.   And a boneless shoulder top blade beef steak is now a flatiron steak.   No upgrade in the name for ground beef. It's still just ground beef.

John Steward


  1. well let's just go ahead and complicate everything! lol! i guess i will adjust and learn the new names!

    i am down with pork. yum. i don't like to think about the ANIMAL/BUTCHERING part of meat. ugh. i eat less than i used to, but i still eat meat.

  2. Totally with you on the whole ANIMAL/BUTCHERING thing. Like you, I still eat it, but not as much.


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