The days of wine and Coco Puffs

My pal Willie-man (7) and his brother Nate (10) stayed over at our house the other night.  As night turned to morning breakfast was on their minds.  A bit blurry eyed, Willie decided Coco Puffs would be a nice complement to the waffles I was preparing.  Who am I to argue? I eat a bowl almost nightly as a midnight snack.  I open the cabinet to get a bowl and Willie spots the wine glasses and says "I wonder what Coco Puffs would taste like in a wine glass." "We'll never know unless we try", I say.  And just think... after the puffs are gone, you're left with chocolate milk in a fancy glass!

Willie lives his life with wonder and possibilities - two things adults sometimes forget to do.

 He inspires me.
My midnight Puffs will forever be eaten from a wine glass.


"The only thing I have to eat is Yoohoo and Cocoa Puffs, so if you want anything else bring it with you."

Lt. Daniel Kaffee
From the movie A few good men.

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  1. Well, I would never have entertained the idea of having cocoa puffs in a wine glass but it makes perfect sense now that you mention it! Chocolate milk lready for the drinking after you have eaten the cocoa puffs. I think I might try this with Lucky Charms. Although, I wouldn't have the chocolate milk... maybe marshmallow milk. HAH


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