Nice face

Charlotte Caron, graduated from Fine Arts with honors last year. My favorite is the hybrid of humans and animals, “this series of paintings, photographs, trying to respond to a form of duality—that assumes an animal part—by the medium of painting in addition, runs, mask, portrait,” according to the artist statement. “To ultimately create an osmosis between the two mediums, so between the animal and the portrait.”   Check it LOVE

I got in a fight one time with a really big guy, and he said, "I'm going to mop the floor with your face." I said, "You'll be sorry." He said, "Oh, yeah? Why?" I said, "Well, you won't be able to get into the corners very well."

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  1. Great quote, I'll have to remember that one. Interesting portraits!

    How have you been???? I can't believe it is almost autumn again but I will say this, I'm so glad to be rid of 100 plus miserable temperatures that we've had here all summer. A cool front just arrived bringing our temperatures down from the 100's to the high 80's! I'll take that any day over 100.


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