I wanna hold your hand


These Otters are the cutest, cutest, cutest!



holding paws :)

Otter: Flounder, I am appointing you pledge representative to the social committee.
Flounder: Gee Otter, thanks. What do I have to do?
Otter: It means you have to drive us to the Food King. 

Animal House

I love knowledge Fridays

I follow a great blog on tumblr, it's all words.

Nothing but words.

Check it out here.


This would be me.

I had to stop driving my car for a while... the tires got dizzy.

Cool Breeze

       A great wind is blowing, and that gives you either imagination or a headache. 

   Love Him.
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Every picture tells a story

I have always had a fascination with faces and hands.
I love the way this artist portrays both.
Meet Michael Carson

"I paint people because I have always had a serious addiction to watching people. I try to get that feel in my paintings. As if I am just watching people doing everyday things in my work. I love the subtle ways that a single brush stroke can create such subtleties in facial expression. I spend most of my time on the face and hands. They tell the story or create an interesting pose".





Dr. John Watson: [Holmes points his violin bow at Watson] Get that out of my face.
Sherlock Holmes: It's not in your face, it's in my hand.
Dr. John Watson: Get what's in your hand out of my face.

Sherlock Holmes Movie

All in a Day's work


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The truth is balance. However the opposite of truth, which is unbalance, may not be a lie.