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Cinema is a matter of what's in the frame and what's out.
Martin Scorsese

Vitamin D and Me

 A preparation, often in the form of a cream or lotion, used to protect the skin from the ultraviolet rays of the sun.

Vitamin D*
A fat-soluble vitamin occurring in several forms, especially vitamin D2 or vitamin D3, required for normal growth of teeth and bones, and produced in general by ultraviolet irradiation - found in milk, fish, cheese and eggs.

Oreo *
A good cookie; made up of two chocolate cookies with vanilla filling, can also come in double stuffed

I wear sunscreen everyday rain or shine all year. That's what we've been told to do.... right?  To help prevent skin cancer, wrinkles and the like.... SUN BAD!  I wasn't always so disciplined, but for the last ten years I've been Miss SPF 55. Until a recent visit to the endocrinologist I was quite proud of this effort. I was at my Doctors office for a regular visit for my thyroid, he also checked my vitamin D levels (I must have looked pale.) The nurse draws blood and leaves the room. It's just me and the latest issue of Thyroid Monthly (yay) waiting for the Doc to make his long awaited appearance. Thirty minutes later.  Ta Da...Hello Doctor. He sits down across from me -  he has my file in one hand, while his pointer finger on the other hand is wagging in my face. He says with a very stern irritated tone "you have virtually no vitamin D in your system, the lowest I've ever seen! Don't you drink milk, eat cheese or see the light of day without sunscreen?" It took me a minute to fully understand what was happening. Sixty seconds later.  Oh, I see. I'm being verbally bitch slapped. So naturally I start defending myself.. unless you want a third nipple growing on your forehead who drinks milk.. Seriously? I found a milk with no hormones, but the owner of the company runs for office every two years and (based on his politics) clearly hates women. Soy milk is out because of my thyroid and don't you find too much cheese a bit binding?!? Furthermore had I known this whole low VD thing was going to be such an issue, I would have scored some Vit D heavy blood and brought the sample in myself!  As for sun light without sunscreen No. No I don't and you can't make me. I take a deep breath straighten my jacket move back into my chair and say " you'll have to forgive my outburst, I have low Vitamin D."

*Diagnoses - virtually no vitamin D

*Prescription - 50,000 watts of rompin' stompin' Vit D in pill form

*45 minutes of sunshine daily with no sunscreen  early in the morn or late afternoon ( I made the decision to do this "HE "had nothing to do with it)
*3 glasses of Horizons hormone free feminist milk with a bag of Oreo cookies.( okay, I added the oreos)

*cheese in moderation

Not so fun fact* "We estimate that vitamin D deficiency is the most common medical condition in the world."
                                          Dr. Michael F. Holick, vitamin D expert

Drink a hormone free glass of milk.
Eat cookies
while lounging in bed
 walk downstairs
 to eat swiss cheese
holding a yellow umbrella.

                                                                           The end.  Yours in VD and Oreo Cookies,

                                            A day without sunshine is like, you know, night.
                                                                    Steve Martin   

if it haint broke

Haint*  A ghost. Belief in ghosts has been common since ancient times and is reflected in folklore around the world. It is based on the notion that the spirit is separable from the body and can continue its existence after the death of the body. Ghosts are believed to inhabit the netherworld and to be capable of returning to the world of the living, appearing as living beings or in a nebulous likeness of the deceased. They are thought to be especially likely to haunt places or people connected with some strong emotion of their past life.

Haint blue * is a color commonly found on window shutters, doors, and porch ceilings all over  Southeast United States. Haint blue ranges from light blue, blue-green to periwinkle.

 Some  say the Gullah people are the original creators of Haint Blue.  Angry Haints cannot cross water. S0, the Gullah people  would dig a pit in the ground, fill it with lime, milk, and whatever pigments they could find, stir it all together, and paint the mixture around every opening into their homes.

     A little history on the Gallah people* St. Helena is one of only a few remnants of a bygone era in the South Carolina low country.  Dirt roads lead to houses where Gullah families live in clusters the way their ancestors did in Africa. Women wearing head wraps and aprons weave baskets from sea grass and sell them to tourists on their way to the affluent outlying islands. The Gullah who live on the island are descendants of West African slaves who worked the rice and cotton fields before they were freed and offered a chance to purchase their land. As whites deserted the coast in favor of milder climates inland, the Gullah lived in isolation for generations, allowing them to maintain their African culture longer than any slave descendants in America.

Below are some examples of what was.

above photos from flickr Haint Blue page

Haint blue is also said to be used to keep bugs and wasps away.  No matter the reason, it's beautiful in my opinion. My own porch ceiling is painted blue (LOVE) to keep away all unfriendly ghosts and door to door salesmen.

 Below are some examples of what is.

I wasn't naked, I was completely covered by a blue spotlight. 
Gypsy Rose Lee (LOVE)