things you can do in a barn

A Barn.

Have a reception.

Hang with Martha and the animals.

Have friends over for apples.

Cuddle up.

A song sung in a barn by a beautiful girl I know.

*click on the caption and it will take to you to the source....


  1. oh the fun things that can be done in barns! the possibilities are endless! except i really wouldn't want to WORK in a barn. ugh.

    do you watch the walking dead? the barn scenes in this season's show have given me the willies!

    p.s. word verification is TEETS. lolololol

  2. Hilarious word verification!

    Oh, I watch the walking dead... and the barn scenes are definitely willie worthy!!

  3. Jane,

    All I can say is "giddy up". I use to play in the hayloft of a barn across the street from us. One saying my dad used on all 9 of us at one time or another was "Will you shut the door, you weren't raised in a barn". LOL LOL

  4. That is one talented beauty you have there! Barn or no barn.


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