I've met the enemy and it's name is eucalyptus

* Eucalyptus is a diverse genus of flowering trees (and a few shrubs) in the myrtle family, Myrtaceae. Members of the genus dominate the tree flora of Australia

* Eucalyptus has long been used as an antiseptic and decongestant. From the aborigines of Australia, eucalyptus is known around the world for its soothing and healing properties. Eucalyptus warms and dries, which makes it an effective treatments for respiratory problems. It works as an anti-inflammatory and revives the tired mind.

Eucalyptus is good stuff.

Google away my friends, you'll be hard pressed to find anything negative said about it.

Until now.

 I was sitting on the living room floor having a perfectly wonderful conversation with my sister. When the faint smell of eucalyptus slowly crept into the room. (my niece had eucalyptus incenses burning in the kitchen.) Okay, that's nice. However, with each word the smell got stronger and stronger until my head felt twice it's normal size. My eyes became so narrow my sister looked horizontal. 

So, with my giant head and my eyes nearly shut I go to the kitchen to grab some raw carrots and a bottle of water from the fridge (why?) I don't know why. I begin to chop on carrots like a famished beady eyed rabbit and chug water to wash 'em down. I decide I should step outside for some fresh air - I'm still chopping and chugging as I step out into the cool air. Ahh... that's better. For a minute. Clearly I'm suffering from eucalyptus poisoning (that or I'm actually turning into a beady eyed carrot crazed rabbit.) The signs are all there....giant head, beady eyes, raw carrot craving. I'm pacing back and forth considering a google search for "eucalyptus how much is too much" when like a hammer it hits me. I have a migraine. Brought on by a combination of humid southern air and eucalyptus. Yes, the beautiful silver - green " known around the world for its soothing and healing properties" eucalyptus has me praying  to "toss my carrots" and find a nice cool cave to sleep in (preferably not in Australia.)

Eucalyptus....it works as an anti-inflammatory and revives the tired mind. Yeah. NO.

Speaking of Poison.



  1. Good Lord, Jane!

    I wonder why you wanted carrots and water? I wonder if some of it wasn't an allergic reaction to the eucalyptus? Girl, I have had migraine's from humid, warm temperatures and they are horrible to get over. I've had to go into a dark room, cover my eyes and stay there until it passed.

    No more eucalyptus for you! LOL LOL

    I remember this song...Does that mean I am not old?


  2. Oh gosh, that sucks. I get migraines regularly enough to get really annoyed with them, and I know how much they hurt. A lot of times, strong scents can trigger them for me (like sitting next to someone with heavy perfume or a heavy smoker). Yuck.



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