out of your gourd

 Artist Przemek from Poland turns an ordinary run of the mill gourd into a magical  
table or wall lamp. These lamps are an amazing work of art, a gourd never looked so good! Przhemek’s works are known under the brand Calabarte.  http://calabarte.com/

Lamp is made of Senegalese gourd.
Like the first Globe it’s a precise model of the Earth. Meridians and circles of latitude are marked every 20 degrees; the contours of the continents are reconstructed accordingly.
The land is marked by a deeper layer of white wood which allows some light to pass through it.
Meridians and circles of latitude are perforated so light passing through them makes light effects on the walls around.


Quotes from  King of The Hill episode "High Anxiety"

HANK: Oh, no, my eyes are going bloodshot! I'm going on a trip! I look like I'm doped out of my gourd!

HANK: I'm talking to myself. That's a side effect of the marijuana poisoning.


  1. Jane,

    That is one cool gourd! I've never seen anything like it. Imagine creating something like that out of a gourd. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! I also love the quote. I've never watched King of the Hill but may have to add it to my weekly TV schedule.


  2. Lovely quote and perfect Globe! Very interesting sculpture of the gourd!! I have never seen something so beautiful!!
    Have a great week, sweetie!!


  3. These are beautiful! What a cool creation! Great find, thanks for sharing!


  4. So pretty! Thank you for commenting over on my page!

  5. Beautiful!

    And woo-hoo on being featured on The Blog Guidebook! You deserve it!


  6. Where on earth do you find this stuff? So visually stimulating.



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