if you need me, I'll be falling into my suitcase

I mean ..if you're gonna fall - right?

It happened late one night in a hotel room. I was staying with my two daughters in a room with two queen beds and a rather large lounge area. I awoke to get a drink of water. The walk in the dark to get this much needed h2o was uneventful. It was on my way back that things got a little dicey. I managed to walk around the chair parked in the middle of the lounge area only to stub my toe on the table. I very quietly whisper...ouch. I'm thinking about my toe when like a dream I find myself on the floor in my suitcase. My falling caused quite a loud crash....I hear MOM. MOM. I didn't respond to the first two mom's I was processing. Okay, looks like I'm in my suitcase; my right hand hurts like hell and the middle finger on my left feels like I jammed it into bowling ball that was too small and my toe hurts. MOM! ARE YOU OKAY? "I'm okay" I say. I get back into bed and fall asleep hydrated, in pain and dream of luggage.

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  1. Oh, this sounds so much like something I would do. Don't make a scene, whisper things are just fine while all the while dealing with the pain and embarrassment of falling into your suitcase. LOL LOL

    I've been known to burn my hand and pretend it didn't even hurt!!!



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