hip to be square

With a stack of pretty paper squares and double stick tape - my closet/dressing room is starting to take shape.



The funky light is an old metal basket with a filament blub (a flea find.)

 The paper squares are normally used for scrapbooking.

I'll add photos and art.  TA DA ...My very own scrapbook wall!

The art (Lovely As A Tree) peeking thru the light fixture is by A.L. Burke. LOVE.

This is a jewelry stand. Jumped for joy when I found this!

A favorite dress.

I Found this Beth Frank one of  a kind belt at an estate sale. The sign on the door stated no kids, but the boy and I went in anyway. He held my hand, we smiled at the lady with the stern look and walked right to the table where this and two other belts were. I didn't decide right away and thought we should keep moving before we were asked to leave and I could think about which belt I wanted. We round the corner into the kitchen and I notice my hand is empty. Will has moved away from me and is back at the belts! I calmly retrieve him,  and we go back into the kitchen. I whisper, the sign at the door said "NO KIDS" and let's face it kid, you're a kid. His arms fly in the air and he whispers back to me "what? No kids!, Are they crazy?" Perhaps. Perhaps not.  Either way... Stick with me kid, we're buyin' a belt.

Slices of hand made soap -  smell so yummy! Oh, and a couple pairs of my favorite shoes that I wear with my favorite dress. Not at the same time of course, but if I could.....


  1. Love the jewelry stand!! Is absolutely gorgeous!!


  2. Love it all - especially the belt! (Who puts a "no kids" sign up at an estate sale??)
    I'd love to take a field trip to your life....

  3. Loving all that beautiful paper! Very creative! And that dress looks so so fabulous! You have great taste!

  4. Jane,

    What a great idea with the scrap book paper. I also see your humor is back. HAHA The "no kids" at an Estate sale tale. At least he (Will) knew where your heart was...the belts! LOL LOL Gorgeous belt, I love it.


  5. Anita,

    I know - who does that? No kids? Are they crazy? Come on up we'll shop the fleas and the estate sales!!



  6. Kris,

    Oh yea, Will knew for sure! He helped me put in on right after we left, and he approved. hahaha...


  7. Your closet/dressing room is very pretty and very bohemian. Very inspiring as well. It's a good idea to stick squares of scrapbook paper on the wall as a backdrop for artwork.

    By the way, I just host a new giveaway so stop by and enter for a chance to win a piece of fabulous jewelry of your choice!



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