to you it's just a gum wrapper

The spring I turned ten I started collecting stuff. Some stuff was given to me. Some stuff I thought was cool and other stuff I thought I might use someday.  For instance, I had what was once the wooden handle of a hammer. The broken end could be sharpen to a point and used to kill vampires in the event of an attack.  In a pinch you could use it to stab a werewolf in the foot, at least that would give you time to get away (I was still on the lookout for a silver bullet.) 

 When mid-summer rolled around, I had almost two shoe boxes full of stuff. Gum wrappers, feathers, sticks, seriously misspelled notes, rocks, and do dads of all kinds. After a morning of playing with my friends, I headed home to empty my pockets to make room for what the afternoon might bring. I went straight to my room, bent down next to my bed, extended my arm under to get one of the boxes. I felt nothing... so I take a look....  my shoe boxes are gone! gone. gone. gone. As in nothing under the bed. No boxes. No dust. Not the lone sock I had my eye on ( the mate was in my drawer/pairs of socks were like gold in our house) I'd been robbed.

 I raced downstairs to my mom, she was sitting at the kitchen table smoking a cigarette and drinking coffee. I was crying hysterically... some--one---my shoe---bo--xes are GON--NE...she took me by the shoulders and firmly said "I cleaned your room and threw out all the boxes, who keeps gum wrappers and sticks?" My eyes widened in shock , I threw myself to the floor and began to scream. I do! I keep gum wrappers and sticks! How could you? Do have any idea what it takes to get a shoe box? We don't buy shoes in boxes!!!!  That's when it hit her. She sat on the floor next to me, put her arms around me and with tears in her eyes said "I'm so sorry I didn't realize what those things meant to you." She calmed me down and assured me I could start a new collection (and she would never ever touch my stuff again) she would even go with me to get more shoe boxes. Two important lessons were learned that day. 

* One: One girls trash might be her treasure. Who are you to judge? 

* Two:  Love means you say you're sorry. Then you dig for shoe boxes from the trash behind Nickels Department Store.

 Collections Rule

hip to be square

With a stack of pretty paper squares and double stick tape - my closet/dressing room is starting to take shape.



The funky light is an old metal basket with a filament blub (a flea find.)

 The paper squares are normally used for scrapbooking.

I'll add photos and art.  TA DA ...My very own scrapbook wall!

The art (Lovely As A Tree) peeking thru the light fixture is by A.L. Burke. LOVE.

This is a jewelry stand. Jumped for joy when I found this!

A favorite dress.

I Found this Beth Frank one of  a kind belt at an estate sale. The sign on the door stated no kids, but the boy and I went in anyway. He held my hand, we smiled at the lady with the stern look and walked right to the table where this and two other belts were. I didn't decide right away and thought we should keep moving before we were asked to leave and I could think about which belt I wanted. We round the corner into the kitchen and I notice my hand is empty. Will has moved away from me and is back at the belts! I calmly retrieve him,  and we go back into the kitchen. I whisper, the sign at the door said "NO KIDS" and let's face it kid, you're a kid. His arms fly in the air and he whispers back to me "what? No kids!, Are they crazy?" Perhaps. Perhaps not.  Either way... Stick with me kid, we're buyin' a belt.

Slices of hand made soap -  smell so yummy! Oh, and a couple pairs of my favorite shoes that I wear with my favorite dress. Not at the same time of course, but if I could.....

knock knock knockers on heaven's door


      Knockers : one that knocks: as a : a metal ring, bar, or hammer hinged to a door for use in knocking 

      k'nocker - (Yiddish) a big shot who knows it and acts that way; a boastful immoderate person

I love a good door knocker. Nothing says "Welcome" or "Enter At Your Own Risk" like a well placed knocker. Currently, I do not have a door knocker. I have instead, a door bell and a "speakeasy" I love the look of surprise when the little door opens and I say Helloooo....password please.

 I had both a door bell and a knocker at my last home. Some visitors rang the bell, ignoring the knocker completely. Others, knocker only.  Not to be forgotten - that rare visitor who employed the full force of both the knocker and bell. These frantic you must open the door types were largely ignored. 
Seriously. We're not home.

 How about you?  Are you a Knocker or a bell? Or the rare "I know you're in there" knocker bell combo?  Do tell.

I love, love, love this one...
 Very cool rabbit or an old man with rabbit ears?
Way fabulous.
Knock with one hand - have aspirin in the other. LOVE.

 Creepy, right? I'm movin' on.
(you can find this lovely lady on ebay)
Saddle up!

Check 'em ladies!

Knocker update:  This lion's- head knocker sold at Christie's for a cool 2 million. It is 11th century Spanish but still.....
Who knew knockers could be worth so much dough?

kinda blue - a party on the lawn

This is what can happen when families work together to make a dream come true.

Much Happiness to Brynn and Kurt.

New York’s St. Regis Hotel Unveils New Tiffany Suite   


A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.
Mignon McLaughlin