"Bernice.....it's about your snout..."

I loved  the show 'Designing Women'  from the get go. Four smart, funny, sarcastic women who run their own interior design company (Sugarbakers). What's not to love? So many of the episodes are classic, but  the episode where Bernice gets a nose job tops my list.  Here's how it shook out. 


Bernice surprises everyone at Sugarbakers with the news she is having plastic surgery to make herself look younger. After seeing a computerized reconstruction of her face, she insists on taking a loan against her life insurance policy to pay for the operation. However, when the surgeon makes her nose look like a pig's, everyone is afraid of telling Bernice the truth.
JULIA: I want you to bring her back here afterwards for a drink, and all of us will sit down and gently as possible just be honest with her.
SUZANNE:  Oh, that outta be easy. We'll just get her liquored up real good and say "Bernice......it's about your snout...." 

Below, I've rooted out some the best snouts in design. Enjoy.



Who wouldn't want a Pig Table to serve their guests? "Furniture to fall in love with at first sight or hate forever."


Last but not least.
 I would like to introduce you to "Flo". I bought this pig in China Town Chicago for my oldest daughter to save money for a cross county trip she and a friend were planning. The first coins to go in the slot  fell out her feet, they were covered with black tissue paper.. who knew? The trip never happened. Turns out Flo is not so good at saving money, what goes in, comes right out. But, she makes a good door stop, and oh what a face! LOVE.


  1. HA HA HA. I liked Designing Women as well. That was a classic episode. LOL.

    So, the pig is not so good at saving money eh? Your right about the face...what's not to love.

    Happy Easter,


  2. love the domino one, and Flo too:x


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